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Thread: 2004 Toyota Corolla S Project!

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    There is a good bit or room behind the dash there, probably about 1 foot deep maybe... the fab work for the "bezel" where my screen is was a custom job, cannot purchase it... I had it done by a local fab shop for around $700... As far as the switch goes, I have an Opus with ITPS, however, it doesnt work the way it is supposed to, it wouldnt turn on when I started the car for some reason, I ****ed with it for about 3 days, and gave up and switched it... works for me... in any case, let me know if there is anything else you wnana know about...

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    why are you using an OPUS with an ITPS? the OPUS has a shutdown controller built into it, which is all the ITPS is.

    nice install otherwise, but $700 for that dash is kinda rediculous
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    Perhaps you could look into bluetooth instead of using that USB data cable. That way, you could just leave your cell phone in your pocket and get internet.

    I'm curious, what does verizon charge for internet like that?
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    Verizon Charges minutes only, I only keep it on if I need to download something, or get on MSN or AOL instant messenger real quick...
    The cost for the bezel was worth every penny! The guy that did it named Ryan Sumida, he works for he did a stock finish on it and it came out great. I highly recommend him.

    pplante: The OPUS comes with a built in ITPS, thats why I said it... and it did not work for me, the motherboard is a little ****ed up, so when the PC would turn on the first time it sends a power request, it doesnt POST (power on self test). However, if I killed power completely, and turned it on again, it does POST and works just fine. Kinda ghetto, but it'll do until I build another carputer with a better mobo design structure. Not to mension with the sunroof and the amount of time Im on my cell in the car, I dont get to use the PC during the day often (either glare or work stops me from doing so). So it doesnt always need to be turned on in the first place. Thanks for the great comments guys, keep em coming. I'll get some more shots of the day time for ya later on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaulDePimp
    Rolla-PC 2004
    Xenarc 700TS Touchscreen $400 (they used to be that much)
    Custom Fabrication installation of screen $700 (I know)

    Hand Built PC: (about $2000 to $3000 as many times as I fixed it)
    Shuttle Mobo (micro atx, the third mobo I've bought due to power issues)
    1.8 Ghz AMD Mobile Processor (2nd processor)
    512MB DDR Dual Channel Ram (purchased about 10 sticks of ram during diagnosis of problems)
    40 Gig HDD (I killed my 160 gig)
    Antec Case
    Nvidia Geforce FX 5200
    OPUS 120Watt DC-DC PSU $200 (purchased here from ziplock)
    Delorme Earthmate USB GPS Mouse
    Logitech Wireless Gaming Controller (for the buddies)
    Kyocera Data Cable for Wireless internet
    That EBGames Mini-usb keyboard
    about 30 feet of extra usb extention cables
    2 guage power wiring

    Other Car Mods:
    De-badging of "Corolla" and "Toyota" text on the back of car (I kept the S)
    Black Mesh Front Grille $80
    PIAA Super White Bulbs $300
    20% Black window tint $180
    Power Sun Roof $1400

    Grand Total Estimate: $6890 Worth of Extras (give or take a few hundred)

    Now for the pics!!!! (sorry for the small size, admins request)

    Well, I hope you liked it, post your comments!!!

    Hi Paul,

    Your install looks awesome! I too have a Corolla S and am in the process of integrating a carpc in my car.

    Your screen fabrication looks great. I thought of using an in-dash motorized unit, but after seeing yours I think I'll stick with the 7" TSV.

    I also thought of sticking a head unit in the top mini storage compartment. Is that a custom piece you had made as well? Any Clearance issues with sticking a head unit in there? Do you have the Head Unit take in an Aux Input from the CarPC, or do you have the Head Unit reroute audio to the CarPC and the CarPC goes to the amp?

    Last thing, what CPU do you use? I just got a P4 barebone with a 3.2 GHz HT processor (but the board detunes it to 2.8GHz). I notice the Athlon 64 platform looks very economical. But I haven't seen any mini-itx boards for it.

    Some things I got or will get that might be of interest to you:
    -MS Wireless Keyboard and Mouse (USB)
    -IOGear Class 1 Bluetooth Dongle (330 ft range claimed)
    -Uninterruptible Power Supply (my p4 barebone only takes in 19v from a 120v a/c adapter, so I will use the ups to shut down)
    -Monster 300W Inverter (hookup via battery, not cigarette lighter)

    You know what, this whole CarPC thing is a really expensive addiction, ain't it? Good stuff. Have a good one.

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    Still any clearance about the headunit?? How did you managed to place it right there?

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    Nice indigo ink Rolla. I have a 03 S (Installing the SC in a week or so). My carputer is my next mod.

    BTW: Where did u get the grill for $80 thats kinda steep?

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    Thumbs up Grill

    Hey Thread,

    Can you tell me where you got the black mesh grille from? I just got my car and that is the first thing i wanted!

    Thanks buddy

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