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Thread: 2004 G35 Coupe - custom mounts (lots of pics)

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    did you have a hub? Was it powered or not? How long of cable did you use?

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    Longer than 16ft
    I have a non powered hub

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scouse Monkey
    i was resisting the urge to popint that out.

    Very nice car and it is japanese not american - so it will be reliable - even better! Dammit i love that screen. remides me of the Audi A8 one that pops out of the wooden trim.
    WHOA! normally I am the first one to point out how much better foreign cars are than american cars here in the states. But, being that you are not from the US, I feel that I must take offense!

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    Ideas needed, mostly appriciated

    Hello, I just bought a g35x sedan and i want to know if anyone had any ideas for me. what i want to do is put a monitor in my dash but i dont want it below the heat/ac controls i want it above that but also i do not want it to stick out like how the factory navigation monitor is(i do not have navigation), i want an idea of how i could mount a monitor above that but as one whole unit like one big dashboard, for a better idea liek the new 2007 g35 monitor and not jsut flip up or pop up. its hard to explain if you dont get what i am trying to explain and you think you can help me please post or email me [email protected] thank you hope to here form some1 soon thank you have a good day

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