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Thread: 2005 Subaru STi

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    Here comes the Honda. And I've never driven a scooby.

    Nice install.
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    Very nice work so far. One of the cleanest screen installs I have seen in quite a while!

    Did you have to do any additional modification to the back of the A.C. controls to fit the lower part of the screen behind the dash?
    Also, is it just me, or does the centre console seem to point more towards the passenger than the driver?

    P.S. Kudos for including a shot of Jennifer Garner in one of her earliest movie apperances. Ther deserves at least an extra ten points on it's own! <--AV--

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    You know I've never before realized that is Jennifer Garner. And I watch that movie all the time. And no, the AC controls are completely unadulterated, the screen fits perfectly. As for the console... it might just be the angle of the pictures, the screen & the console aim pretty much straight back towards the back seat, not favoring either driver or passenger sides.

    I was thinking about getting a deltadash system going, but I think that I'd rather not mess with the ECU just yet. I know I will eventually, but for now I am too dependent on the car for transportation to risk screwing around with the ECU.

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    Adding another of Fuji Heavy industries finest to the list....

    Awesome install.....screen turned out real nice

    I have been toying with the idea of upgrading from my scoob to the new one, cant decide if its worthwhile or not, but seeing the pc may change my mind
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    Man, You have my next car. Nice install.
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    nice install... i think ive seen a WRXer install all his stuff behind the dash. This was also the same guy who sells his custom made bezels for the Wrx. Im assuming most of the intererior in the STi is roughly the same as the WRX. Mounting behind the dash will definately help you save space in the trunk. It would also make it harder to steal if your car was ever broken into.

    On the other hand if you want to show your computer off, a homemade plexicase is the way to go. Someone has posted a few good links to other forums which specialize in making their own custom cases. Im sure you will be able to pull some good ideas and fabbing techniques from there.

    Good luck n keep us posted!

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    Great Job!

    I love to see all the Scoobies come out...

    I've got a threadjacking question for all you STI owners about the intercoller spray switch. I'm concidering using it for an opus override switch. in my install The StationRocket WRX is done.
    -does it fit in the location next to the e brake?
    -is it on/off or momentary?
    -do you think i'd be able to scrape off the white letering?

    Thanks and sorry to jack.

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    nice install. The pics look kinda odd tho. The one showing the switches looks like the steering wheel and dash tilt in towards the car. Did you take the pics on a camera phone? I'd miss the little pocket in front of the dash in my '04 that they removed in the '05 models tho. That's where I keep my shades.

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    wikid. And yt another subi - however possiblely the oldest/lowest performance subi here.....:P

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    I love the cobra radar detector on the windscreen. Clean install, did u make that dash piece for the screen? or is that the stock double DIN gap?
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