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Thread: Lancer Evolution 8

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    i don't see STIs as rivals. AWD turbo BABY!!!

    I do like taking on a V8 though.

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    Yunus, did you see my new front lip? just got it last week!!

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    Southern PA, where men are men, and sheep run scared.
    "I want an EVO 8, too bad we can't buy them here in Canada."

    I've heard a few canadians complaining that they aren't allowed to buy some of the most kickass cars of the last few years (evo, gto, trans am) but I don't understand why. Does canada have a law against horsepower or something? I know the speed limits are anemic -- when i went to windsor, the only way i could obey the law was to take my foot off the gas and let the car pull itself.....on a completely unrelated note, the stock lancer has got to be the slowest car i've ever driven in my life.

    nice fitment of the screen, btw
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    i don't understand why mitsubishi would make such a car (Lancer).
    A lancer in Japan means Lancer Evolution. Its a legacy thats been going on now for 9 different Evolution models. Its pretty stupid how they slap the name "Lancer" on a retarded car here in the States.

    To add to that.... they finally bring the lancer evolution 8 over here only to be missing AYC (active differentials).
    Im so bitter that i got a 03 model cause now the 05s and MRs are coming with the AYC. =( IM BITTER

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    Don't mean to bring back a zombie thread, but I had to make a correction to titaniumkingpin's inclination on '05+ Evo's including AYC which is not true. We might never get AYC, but then again there are rumors that the Evo X might include it. But then again it's a clutchless system...booh.

    Curios as to any updates to this project? I own an '06 Evo IX and am deciding which of my comptuers to put in: laptop, custom desktop, or straight pda. No more in-dash for me as mine was stolen. Going to get it as stock looking as possible.

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