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Thread: Ford Escort 1stGen(89) install in progress

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    Ford Escort 1stGen(89) install in progress

    EDIT sorry didn't see the worklog section is a mod would not mind moving me over to that

    ok here are a few pics of the start of my install

    first i started by changed out the center console to the center console out of a 88Escort GT to allow me to more easily drop the headunit down and use the slot for screen

    next i completely moved and mounted the head unit

    and i have started work on the mount for the LCD I am using a 5' intec PSone screen (it will be VGA assoon as i find my soldering iron and set down and solder the wires in)

    here are the pics i have done so far I havn't started the work on the mountes for the PC in the trunk yeat as i figured i wouls start with the hard stuff of getting the screne in and working first

    I should be posting some more completed pics of the screen mount in the next couple of days

    the specs on the PC are as follows intel Celeron 1.1ghz 256MB ram Win98SE bootdrive 810MB laptop harddisk media drive 8GB 3.5in drive may be changing the boot drive to a CF card if i can get the OS and frontedn install below 256MB and running properly

    still working at it still have much dash cleaning up to do and color matching of course

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    ok here are some more pics but i want to know what you all think before i mount the stuff in and i will probly be swapping to power supplky to somrthing smaller in size like one for the little HP cases

    hope to here what you all think

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    Wow, at least you got a compartment to contain your computer in. My ZX2 (3rd gen 'scort) doesn't have much room in the trunk like yours. Looking good so far.
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    thanks I am in the progress as i type of fabing up the brackets as I type this trying to get it all the way i want it the hard part is the screen i figured i would do the rest then finisht aht up

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