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Thread: 2002 Nissan Patrol 4WD

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    2002 Nissan Patrol 4WD

    Where do I start.. Firstly I had to decide what I wanted it to do. I did in the following order 1. Cheap 2. MP3's 3. Movies (for the kids) 4. GPS (for offroad work) 5. Rear view camera

    First thing was to score some old PC gear from work. I ended up with an old slimline compaq P3 450MHZ. I bought some ram and a second hand 80 gig HDD (eBay). I already had a 150W power inverter so I thought i'd try see if it was powerful enough before I bought a new one. Last but not least I had to buy a lilliput touchscreen. Just before I ordered it I found an add for a new 'black' model that I thought would fit better in my dash so that's what I got.

    I had to remove my standard double din stereo.

    Then I decided to make a roof console so that when I get stuck in a bog hole and flood the car, my PC wont get fried. Here we have 2 amps (although one was removed because it wasn't working right and a 3 way splitter box.

    Next I mounted my baby power inverter. I used a $1 bracket from the local hardware store to mount it. Probably not a good idea to use metal but oh well, seems to work OK. Also fitted here is a 0.5 Farad power cap. I thought it may help with the power delivery but after doing more research on this forum and finding out that they can explode if not charged correctly, I removed it before ever trying to power it up.

    Here's my new Lilliput being tested on the bench. Overall pretty happy with it so far.

    Here's my PC with the case off. I still haven;t put the case back on. I bought a DVD drive from an old laptop and to my surprise it plugged straight in and works fine.

    Next was to run all my wiring from the dash to the rear shelf. I made several complete wiring looms first on the ground which made this part a bit easier. I also ran a couple of 'spare' wires in case I forgot anything later.

    Double din headdeck had to go.

    Here is my screen fitted. I had to file away about 1-2 mm on the sides and I had to cut about 11 mm out of the bottom. No bondo or fibreglass was used.

    This is my shelf mounted to the pre-existing grab handle bolt holes. There has been no cutting of anything factory so I can remove it without leaving a trace (hopefully).

    Knowing damn well that I would need to constantly change things and adjust/fine tune things, I mounted one end of the shelf on a large hinge so I only had to undo 2 bolts and I could swing the shelf down for access. the shelf is bloody heavy though..

    Pic of the shelf with the PC now mounted. It started off neat but things change as you go..
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    These standard horn relays control my auto shutdown. When you turn your acc off, the PC knows via the serial port, it activates 'shutdown' and then when it's finished , it cuts the power to my inverter. My mate Paul wrote the service to monitor this and it works great. If anyone wants the software, I can send it.

    Sample screen shots with Frodo and Ozi Explorer running. I also have Ozi configured so when I approach any 'fixed' speed camera, I get a verbal warning through my stereo system. If anyone wants the GPS co-ordinates of all fixed speed cameras in Melbourne, let me know.

    Here's my GPS which I bought on eBay for about $80. Works terrific. Even through the window it has never lost signal. This way it doesn't get wet.

    Each time I hop in the car I need to turn the screen on and then hit this button. This button and LED is directly wired to the PC on-off switch and power LED.

    This is all the wiring going to the shelf. My problem is that because the shelf has to swing, I have to have all wires going in at the same place meaning that I have power and speaker wires together. I get a small bit of engine hum but im sure I can get rid of this with a bit more work..

    And thats about it. It has been working great for a while now. Next on the agender is fitting a small webcam maybe as a reversing camera or maybe pointing forward recording constantly whats happening. this way when I hit my next kangaroo, i'll have it on film!

    That's it so far. About a thousand hours in and no doubt about a thousand hours more. Eventually I will put a front and rear cover on the shelf, cover it in the same velour as the roof and maybe add a fan or two for cooling.

    Using the 150W power inverter, everything runs fine and I have even run the whole system for over 3 hours without the car on no problem which surprised me.

    P3 900MHZ 256meg, 160 gig 3.5, Lilliput 7 Touch screen, GPS (not working..yet), 3 million wires. 3 amps,

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    i like it, very cool, i wouldnt think the $1 metal brackets would be a bad idea, as long as its not touching any cable. I mean the shells of the cap and inverter are metal.
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    Cheers. The only problem I do have occasionally is if I hop in the car on a stinking hot day, the power inverter thermal shutdowns BEFORE I EVEN START THE PC. The ambient temperatur inside the cab must get higher than its thermal limit. I run the aircon for 5 minutes and then it powers up fine. Oh well.
    P3 900MHZ 256meg, 160 gig 3.5, Lilliput 7 Touch screen, GPS (not working..yet), 3 million wires. 3 amps,

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    Neat, I like the idea of overhead storage - little chance of damaging it and virtually invisible
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    wow - thats' a rats nest if I've ever seen one!

    good ideas!
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    Cool looking install

    Definitely liking the roof-mounted PC!

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    I like the roof mounting. It should look good once you get it to match the roof, it could even look stock then.

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    Once ive got all the functionallity working then my plan is to re-wire some of the rats nest into something a bit nicer. I am seriously looking at replacing the ower supply with a DC2DC job so I can ditch the whole inverter which may also clean things up quite a bit.

    I will then also put a front and back panel on the shelf which will be shaped the same as the roof line and of course cover it all in the same material as the roof lining. As you say, it should look a lot more 'factory' then.

    Until I get my webcam hooked up, and the new power supply i'll live with the mess for the minute.

    P3 900MHZ 256meg, 160 gig 3.5, Lilliput 7 Touch screen, GPS (not working..yet), 3 million wires. 3 amps,

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