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Thread: Audi A3 2004 S-line

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    @ rudeboymcc


    Unfortunately it doesn't rotate or move in any way other than when manually removed... I tried to figure out a way to do it that way but it was too difficult, on the other hand this piece of plastic, which basically is an object tray which used to be behind the ashtray, where the screen is now... is really easy to pull out and does not move at all when driving... besides whith the S-line badge it looks so "stock like" that nobody could possibly notice there's a Screen in there....

    Follow the link below to see how the cover is actually set/removed...


    P.S: Any idea or suggestion on how to motorize or automate this cover would be most welcome...

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    hhhhmmmmm... its been a long time since anyone has posted. I wasn't able to view any of your videos. Would you be able to re-post them or send them to me? Using 4 linear actuators you could make the monitor angle down and slide forward a bit then have the other linear actuators pull the cover in.

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    sick ride my friend! quick question, you powered the screen through the cigarette lighter? or what was that four? cause i saw that you ran a positive from the fuse box, just confused me a little.

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