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Thread: '99 Ford Explorer first carputer

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    I have a question Thrice,
    I got a 2000 montaineer and it has the same dashboard like urs. Now I'm in the middle of deciding either IPod setup or Carputer setup.

    My questions:
    - how clear can u navigate and view ur screen from ur driverseat?
    - is it easy to read while u drive?
    - how does the sun effect the screen since its almost vertical located?
    - any tips? or anything else that you would have done different from the beginning

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    I'll try to answer your Q's

    1) Quite easily

    2) yes I have not had any problems

    3) this is the kicker, it effects the previous question tremendiously. I'll take some photos of mine sometime. The only time the sun is a real issue is if I have my sun roof open, or I have a pessenger with a white or other light colored shirt. The reason is.. the light comes from the outside, reflects from the other shirt, bounces off the screen and to your eyes.

    4) different? I would have changed the angle of which I installed mine. to eliminatre the passenger problem. I would take a mirror and sitting in your seat andjust it until it is reflecting to the darkest spot possible (roof most likely).

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    thanks for the information bro,.. can u show me some pics of ur project? I'm about to order me the 7" touchscreen but at this time its out of stock... hopefully end of next week ...

    where did u get the spraypaint? any particular brand or type? ...

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