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Thread: 1991 Toyota Celica GT Coupe

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    Always the dash-mount display?

    Why does every project on this board (just about) insist on going and doing all this complicated in-dash mount stuff?

    It looks cool for what it is, but its not practical:

    -the glare can be bad at that angle (just below/above the stereo)

    -you can't tilt it in any direction for ease-of-use

    -it sits there like a gem waiting to be jacked by some drug addict (assuming you can't pop it out)

    I suggest something like a goose-mount or a flexible mount, at the least when u bolt it into the dash, give it the ability to be popped out for focus'd use.

    -the passenger can grab hold of it and focus on it better while you drive.
    -people in the back seat can get a better view
    -typing on the keyboard sucks when you have to strain down-and-right to get a better look

    Who out there has some good pointers to cool flexible mounts?

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    Pretty nice!

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    in the celica it doesnt seem too bad to mount it there, not much light gets down there so no glare, and its pretty easy to just glance down there and see whats going on. atleast when im messing with my radio.

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    The only problem I had with my screen there is the viewing angle. With the Lilliput the screen seemed very dark and although media engine was fully viewable I noticed it when watching DVD's ...

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    I just made some updates to my console. Here are the pictures of the different stages:
    My celica has a 2 1/2 din area which my 7" T-View monitor just happens to fit perfectly. I originally had mounted it flush with the panel piece, but it was just a bit off for viewing, so I tilted the screen and installed it using the stock stereo brackets. I then wrapped it with aluminum foil and flattened and smoothed it out to the contours of the screen.

    The next step was to lay a tarp down in the car. I could have removed the center console and worked on it out of the car but I figured if I dripped, I could wipe it quickly.

    I used fiberglass fabric and cut out the right dimensions before I soaked it in the resin, then applied it over the console panel and foil wrapped screen.

    After it hardened, I removed the panel out of the car to continue.

    I added a 2nd layer of fiberglass to the panel.

    Here is the panel with the area cut out for the screen.

    I put the panel back into the car to test out the cut out area and to make sure the screen still worked.

    I cut out an area so that the screen buttons could be accessed.
    After all day of bondo and sanding, it is ready for paint.

    Here is the pained product.

    After the paint dried and hardened, I put the car back together. Here is my boot screen.

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    Mobile Impact
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