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Thread: Finally, 2004 Toyota MatrixPC is ready for primetime

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    Exclamation Alpine M-bus aux in adapter !!

    Hey MatrixPc,
    (sorry for english..i'm italian)
    i found an old thread
    in which you were looking for a way to hooking the cd changer m-bus connector to a pc aux out, or to foul the HU into "thinking" that the CD changer is connect to the HU and thus enable the sound from the changer port.

    I re-post a pair of your posts:
    Searching this board there are some long old member stated that using a resistor (3.3K) may trick the HU to "think" that the changer is connected and thus enable the CDC port. I just don't know where to put the resistor.
    Some info I also found that the Honda/Acura HU also using the same Alpine M-bus for CDC and some stated that use 6V instead of 3.3K resistor. They just didn't stated that to which pin of the 8 pins (Data+, Data-, IGN/ACC, ...). Before I found solid information, I don't want to blew up the fantastic HU.

    Again, before the HU can talk to the CDC, the HU must "knows" that the CDC is connected. I need to know this part.

    After I search the internet, I found some info on the Honda/Acura(older Honda/Acura use the same CD changer with switch Left/Right audio channel) forum saying that by using 3kohm resistor or 6V to foul the HU into "thinking" that the CD changer is connect to the HU and thus enable the sound from the changer port. So that when I hit the CD button on the HU, the HU switch to CD mode and the sound is feed from the PC.

    Now what I don't know is how this 3Kohm resistor is connect to. Power Supply and DataBus? or ... ?????

    Did you finally find a solution??
    I've got a '99 Alpine, CDM-7838R, and i think i'm in the same situation of yours in 2004 . I don't know if my HU have Versatile Link !, i only know i have to connect a "real" cd changer for HU to visualize the CD Shuffle menu (and aux in signal of course).
    I'd be really gratefull, (!!!!)
    best regards,

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    Matrix Aux Solution

    Way to go Matrix PC!
    Can you post a schematic (handrawn is fine) or the Aux In DPDT adapter you kluged together?
    You mention the ground but I'm not sure where that goes (probably diagramed on the DPDT relay). Can you spec the relay?
    The Generation Vibe website is rife with people looking for this solution.
    Thanks, Pat

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