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Thread: Custom Mercedes 190D install

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    Custom Mercedes 190D install

    Hi, this is my custom install in my car: a mercedes 190D, the car itself is a bit worn down, so the complete carputer installment is actually more worth than the car itself .

    I wanted this mainly because of the gps and mp3, dvd and other stuff just is an extra bonus.

    This is the stuff I used:

    7" SP Touchscreen TFT vga
    Skytronic 600w inverter
    Pioneer Interconnect RCA & Ip-bus
    Pioneer DEH-P3500MP
    1000 wrms amp & woofer (500 wrms i think)
    Aopen XCube ez18:

    Sound: Soundstorm
    Memory: Dual DDR 2*512 ddr pc3200
    vga: onboard mx440
    cpu: xp-m 2400+
    hd: 160gb Seagate
    dvd: dvd-drive nec
    Linksys USB 802.11g wifi
    GPS Mouse Haicom
    Usb hub
    wireless Keypad & mini-mouse

    I Made sure that I had 5.1 Surround Sound through the Nvidia Soundstorm and this works perfect. There are 3 3.5" jacks coming out the soundstorm, 2 of them going to the amplifier delivering the bass, and 2 rears. The last goes to an interconnect rca to ip-bus, giving me the option for the 2 fronts directly trough my pioneer radio.

    The on-off switch is something I haven't got installed yet. I want it to be near the ash-tray for the passengers, so if you have any ideas, let me know.

    The screen itself is removable, cause i'm scared of it being stolen. It does not wobble, but only when the car itself wobbles A usb hub infront, gives me all the connections I need, including wireless mouse and keypad, but the touchscreen as well.

    As for the wooden rack in the trunk, this is something my grandfather made. Everything is nicely placed, so the connections are easily made. The large woofer gives me deep bass, very deep , heck I even wonder how my pc lasts in there.

    Well, the pics say more than my blabla, this isn't the best install, but it's enough for me:

    Give me your opinion and remarks plz.

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    Go Belgium!

    Looks nicely done man, very practical also.

    Now fabricating must be the next step, no?

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    sweettt yeah fab it in man its something useful to take the time and learn how to fabricate

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