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Thread: Check out THIS monstrosity

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    Quote Originally Posted by xdjxklusivex
    damn someone took my idea lol
    I saw on the history channel a late model GMC ext cab that had a cab on the bed. Mounted in side was a .50cal controlled by the ulimate carputer from inside the cab. it was sweet. Had a stabalizer and could fire on the move (not very accurate though) it was designed for private security contractors.

    The Car

    The Case
    Not mine, but you get the idea

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    Give me a break Im 3000+ miles away

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    I'm still searching for the video I saw of a Suburban with a .50 moounted in the reaer that would pop out of the roof via a canvas slide back. The passenger side dash would unfold into a display and a fighter style joystick. I think this was a R&D vehicle fo Homeland Security. I'll post if I can ever find it again.

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    Ah, finally found it:

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