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Thread: MINI Cooper Cabrio, Mac Mini

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoyN
    Scouse isnt there anything in the screen that could be fcked with strong mangents?
    dunno. maybe. wont affect the screen like a CRT gets messed up though. If you have a largish metal plate on the outside for the magnet to attract too it could focus the magnetism away from the inside of the screen

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    It works very well as it is mounted now. The small piece of velcro in the back is nonobtrusive and removes the vibration. I'm pleased. The worst aspect of it is being able to see it during the day. Needs to be cloudy or overcast. Bright sunny day just kills visibility. I hope someone comes out with a Frontend for the Mac that will mac use of maximum contrast colors and make stuff large enough to read and control from the touch screen.

    Using itunes I can't even see the namesof the songs while driving. Hitting the next song button is even a challenge. We really need afunctional front end.

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    Nice car and great install!!
    I love the flip out screen. Great idea!
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    Awesome install!

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    In the meantime, maybe some tints could help out with the sun glare. I'm suffering from that myself, and I hope the 25% tints I plan on putting soon will help me out...

    Nice set-up by the way... very sweet! My girl currently owns a New Beetle and she's dying to get her hands on a Mini Cooper S.... Very nice lil' ride I say!!
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