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Thread: 2000 Toyota Celica GT ***56k worning

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    that's all that fiberglassing really is. It's not a black science like many people make it out to be.

    Get in there and get dirty!

    Looks pretty clean btw!
    Jan Bennett
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    Yes, It was all I did.

    Feel free to ask me on PM or MSN. I will help you if you have any questions.
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    Oh my god that is slick. am only just up to doin my test so no car yet but eeing this makes me want a celica....its just sex!

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    wow i really like the trunk setup. and the fab work on the console turned out really great too. come check out my project celica when you get a moment (link below) also if you havent visited check out the forum is great and site is nice as well

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    Thumbs up Your an true credit to MP3 Car Forums!

    Quote Originally Posted by Goose View Post
    The final install:

    Keep up the good work! (NB my very first reply!)

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