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Thread: Honda Prelude 96

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    Nicely done..!
    EPIA Nehemiah M10k, M1-ATX, 20GB 4200 RPM 2.5", 256MB RAM, Win XP Home, Gyration RF Keyboard & Mouse, Zoltrix Nightingale Optical 4.1 PCI Sound Card, Lilliput 619GL-70NP, XM-PCR w/ optical upgrade, Garmin GPS-25LVS, Microsoft MN-710 USB Wireless NIC

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    damnnn those switches look oem love it

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    Awesome install! Excactly what i've wanted to do when I get my Prelude. =)
    But, as the guy in the quote said: any chance of getting that part cleared up?

    Very, very nice!

    -Robin Alexander

    Quote Originally Posted by shy9010 View Post
    Hi ProjectWidow

    By the way very nice clean install, i was wondering if you can help me,

    i am trying to get a screen in the top dash window, like your small PSone screen thats 5",

    You said you moved it over, how did you do that! when i untook my dash, there are screws holding the Display in and also the persplex glass is only half cleared,

    Any help would be much appreciated


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