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Thread: 2002 Dodge Intrepid (Luscious is her name)

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnyperBob
    Very clean install. Just wondering about the A/C controls. Are those the ones that use the vacuum lines or are the controls electric or something?

    My fiance has an older Intrepid that I'm thinking of modding. Her's probably is vacuum though....
    The controls are electric
    2002 Dodge Intrepid
    P4 Mini-ITX 2.4 GHz
    80 Gig
    802.11 G

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    What kind of monitor is that and is it touch screen...I have a concorde that i'm trying to hook up!

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    I have made the case 26x32x8 cm (10x12x3 in) and shall place it under in a luggage carrier under a covering of a back shelf.

    Look my variants os screens.

    variant 1

    to manufacturing:

    My Project:

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