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Thread: 2004 Vw R32

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    This is my first post. I've been lurking for a few months now and only decided to register yesterday. I've helped my friends install a couple of carputers in their own rides but I must say that yours just looks absolutely awesome. Very nice and very clean install !

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    Nice R32, I have a '02 GTI, any pics of where the main PC is located?
    If its not broke, try and fix it.
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    very nice car and also nice job with the screen

    give us more pictures

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    Love it! Looks great, man.

    I've actually got an '04 R32 as well, and am currently setting up my CarPC now. Where/How did you mount the PC?

    Right now I am actually in the process of integrating a custom matching bezel into the dash. Did you wire everything into the Monsoon amp or did you pick up a new one?

    Once again, great work!

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    What is the model number of your lilliput?

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