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Thread: Subaru WRX UK -- Full project

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    very very nice install. Excellent work. Any more pics?
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    I'm opposite opinion, hate the new ones, loved the old ones.
    ha i was just like you. when the previous gen wrx came out at first i was like eww but liked the specs. then the styling grew on me.
    then this gen came out and i was like eww. but yet again i liked the specs. then like before the styling grew on me.

    at first these cars are ugly. but given time the design just grows on you. like it did me.

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    Love those cars! Very sweet install. One thing though, I would imagine it looks better with white in the dash, but wouldn't it be less reflective if the LCD frame was black? You could have like a white strip there instead, it wouldn't reflect and would still contrast nicely with the interior.
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    i would say blacken up the resessed part of the console where the lcd sits. it would give contrast to the middle and lower reflections like yuriy said

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    Thanks for all your kind comments, much appreciated from back here in the UK.

    Seems to be more interest in the car than the install

    There is a full bodykit fitted (Well not so much a bodykit but a collection of bodykit parts):

    A greddy front lip spoiler with STi fog light covers.

    Oricari side skirts

    Oricari rear skirts

    WRC S7 Rear spoiler.

    I'm not touching the install, it's staying as it is.

    I have a small black piece of rubber that sit's in the recess below the screen when it's in use. This seems to stop a lot of the glare.

    The only future additions will probably be sunvisor screens and a video booster (For all the screens).

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    Clean Lines, Nice Style, like the monitor in the trunk lid! Great Job!

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    Nice one Muddy mate, that's one sweet looking install and the car looks mint, looks like youv'e put a lot of time into it, give yourself a well disserved pat on the back.

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    very nice car all around!
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    Thanks very much.

    Your comments make it all worth while.


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    The install is beautiful. *tips hat*

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