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Thread: 2005 Dodge Magnum SXT PC *appearing at MML '05*

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    :-p i just finished a mangum install for my friend :-P he will post up pics soon
    Any pics of this yet? I've got my magnum I'm looking to mod, and any additional ideas, would be helpful.

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    Dodge must make extra room in the center console for EPIA boards. I have been sandwiching my new EPIA into my Durango center console today and there is even going to be room for the center console insert to go back in so I don't lose a single centimeter of storage space. Pics forthcoming.

    Grumble...stupid nLite..

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    Quote Originally Posted by xdjxklusivex
    :-p i just finished a magnum install for my friend :-P he will post up pics soon
    You can reference the install that XKlusive is referring to at

    Sign up, log in, go to the Gallery. The Magnum our West coast division installed is listed under the album 'Mobile-Effects Cali Install Bay' -> '2005 Dodge Magnum'

    These truly are beautiful cars, and lots of room for a carputer system. As far as we know, your car will be the second Magnum ever to have a carputer installed in it! Congratulations, and keep up the good work. Give us some more pictures!

    PM me or XKlusive if we can add your car to the site and feature it!

    Free file hosting, picture gallery hosting for installs, PM me.

    Internet's first Front End Skin browser, featured installs, downloads, links, informative articles - all free to registered users.

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