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Thread: 1998 Ford Escort ZX2 (All Mp3'd Out!)

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    I think the keypad and touchpad add too much clutter for your install. I'm not sure what everyone else is using but I'm really happy with my ATI Remote Wonder. It's a RF (Radio Frequency) so it does not have to be line of sight. You can hide the USB reciever in the trunk and use it without a problem. The Remote Wonder is a bit more bulky then most would like but I think it's a good solution. The remote is a mouse pointer along with several mapable keys.

    Please share your pics in a worklog for your ventalation system. I was considering something similar but was worried about how finished it would look. You did a good job on making it look sharp.
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    Hello, I did a search for HAO9SIP and this thread came up. How do you like it? Does it have good range?? How did you connect it to the computer? Did you use a wireless access point and connect the HAO9SIP to its antenna jack?? Anyhelp would be much apreciated...........
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