Introducing the MP3Metro Budget car computar.

I'm too lazy to put a up complete finished page but you can look over the worklog linked here to see some of the finished pictures.

The main goal of the project was to add mp3 music at the lowest price and not damage or modify the interior. I also wanted to be able to remove the system easily if I get another car or get tired of it.

I've got a few finishing touches to add the project but I've been too busy and have lost interest in the project.

01 Metro LSI 4 door

Everyone is interested in specs so here you go.

MP3/Video playback
Touchscreen control
Wireless RF remote control
802.11 Wifi network access
Vision PCS celluar internet access
GPS* is in the works

Windows 2000
StreetAtlas 2005

Hardware Specs
Compaq AP 200
Pentium 3 450mhz
192mb ECC memory
8GB storage
DataLux 10.4inch
Ati Remote Wonder USB
Linksys WUSB 2.8 802.11B