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Thread: 2005 Scion xB - 15" touchscreen project

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    2005 Scion xB - 15" touchscreen CARPC

    Okay, for the detailed information.

    -The monitor is a 15" ELO Touchscreen with credit card reader (haha.. I have no idea what I'm gonna do with it... but it is cool to swipe peoples cards in Wordpad and see the embeded information).

    -Spend a good 15 hours bending and welding the mount to hold the extremely heavy LCD to the dash. I'll have to get pictures of it the next time I take the screen off.

    -The PC is a AMD 1700+ Shuttle,512MB of RAM, and 120GB (soon getting a 160GB external HD for easy swaping data between my home PC and the Shuttle)

    -The only wire showing is the car-adaptor plug for the power-inverter. I'm going with the Shuttle OPUS soon and a tuck away inverter for the LCD soon.

    -Deluo USB GPS and Gamecube to PC USB adaptors for using my Wavebird controllers for emulation

    - Carl

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    Well now you can be a whore, and take credit cards. I'd call that cool.

    ; D

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    HAha, I guess 12" LCDs are becoming the norm around here, now it's all about 15-17" ones
    Nice! Your nickname suits your ride well
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chernobyl
    -The monitor is a 15" ELO Touchscreen with credit card reader (haha.. I have no idea what I'm gonna do with it... but it is cool to swipe peoples cards in Wordpad and see the embeded information).
    The MSR (Magnetic Stripe Reader) will also read teh stripe on your driver's license, assuming your state makes them with a magnetic stripe. Try it and see!

    As an aside, I think your setup, while functional, is wholly silly. That big-assed monitor is going to attract attention of a cop and then what happens?
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    haha wicked!

    I went the 15inch in my Jeep... bit more dash room however . Can you actually use any of the control for air conditioning and stuff?

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    credit card reader is a great way to use for your carputer security

    get a key card of some sort and use it for the password for windows or something of that nature.

    that would be hotter than a fingerprint reader i would think.


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    man that screen looks like ***. I think you could make it look great if you somehow molded a couple trim pieces so the dash kind of flows around it but hey its your car if you like it thats whats important.

    having that card reader is awesome. you could wire it up to the ignition switch and instead of using a key to start your car, swipe a keycard and it starts...

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    cool, but it looks just too big and out of place... I mean it is covering up the entire car! air vents, controls, etc...

    2005 Range Rover 4.4
    Any ideas for putting a PC in this? :)

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    I'd give it a 3

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