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Thread: 2005 Volvo S60 1,3 GHz 120 Kw

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    Quote Originally Posted by inergen View Post
    hi, i am unable to view your photo gallery. any chance of seeing your HU mod job?

    yup same problem here. can't see the pickies. anyway do you guys have any idea how much would it cost for a reflash for a s40 2.0d?

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    You Do Good Job!!!

    You Do Good Job!!!

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    just wanted to let you all know, how it feels 5 years later with that kind of system.

    10" roof mounted screen for second row

    bigger and faster HDD now it's SATA. tried SSD but it wasn't good experience maybe after some years, again.
    PSU from 90W to 140W. all external USB devices are needing more power, 90W PSU wasn't enough.
    first change was HDD after one Opel touched my backend and insurance was lovely to buy me a new HDD.
    VGA cabels are lookinf for an replacement, because some colros from screen are left and problem lies in cable.

    feeling after 5 years: fun, cool, good and so on
    my 5 year old son loves second screen in front of him, watching Tom and Jerry and hes also a fan of MapPoint when we are on long roadtrip

    is everything achieved, what i built and designed? yes but there were some miscalculations. TV resception is quite bad and it's not useful. today i don't even feel badly, that i can't see tv in car. we have plenty of movies/cartoons always with us and it's enough.

    are there some todos or nice to haves? i have only one todo left and it is 2 different audio zones, so that i can listen mp3-s and second row can watch movie and hear sound from their speakers or from their headphones.

    what is amazing? the normal PC equipment is working in -30 and also +40C degrees. And it amazed me from beginning. And the whole system has been working since building, my mileage is over 130K km.

    feature what i love? i can choose software by myself. i started with Road Runner, yes i'm using it today but for maping i used to have autoroute after that had Mapopoint and now i'm using Garmin Mobile PC which is integrated with RoadRunner.

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