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Thread: 2005 Volvo S60 1,3 GHz 120 Kw

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    Cool 2005 Volvo S60 1,3 GHz 120 Kw


    Volvo S60 2,4 Turbodiesel 120KW
    15" original Volvo rims
    automatic gearbox
    black leather interior


    MB Quart Reference series speakers
    Rockford Fosgate 15" subwoofer in the trunk
    DLS A3 and A6 for sub and speakers
    Clarion DXZ748RMP Headunit (hidden to dash- where center speaker must be)
    Alfatec 1F condesator


    aOpen i855GMEm-LFS
    512MB DDR RAM
    60GB 2,5" Hitachi 7200rpm HDD
    M1-ATX 90W
    Panasonic slot-in CDRW/DVD-ROM molded in the dash
    custom housing
    10" wide touchscreen from CarTFT molded in the dash
    RoadRunner the shell of windows XP

    Goals (what i wanted to have):

    divx and DVD playback with subtitles
    mp3 playback
    music videos playback - VCD or mpeg format
    GPS Navigation
    internet over WiFi and GPRS
    DVB-T and Analog TV reception
    controlling all things over touchscreen
    been able to download all pictures from my Powershot and Phone

    when i ordered my car i had a month time to think about my project. In my previous car were DLS'es, Clarion and RF Sub installed, i wanted to something more

    when i got my car, first thing was to remove original crap

    and add some mate

    sound install was nothing, at same time i had to think where and how to install PC related stuff. cable hideing and anything else must be hidden what is not needed to see. And of course some cables are needed to be installed

    Tweeters were first, who found their place

    install was allready begun but my touchscreen arrived two days later. so now we should figure out how and where to install it

    as you'll see, there's no room for that but that's OKEY. we can make room here. Say hello to Margus, who is sawing my dash

    Now it fits

    and of course, we cannot wait when install is finished... we must boot up pc and take a look at monitor. Nice....

    got rid of center canalization

    pic server burned, spare pics here

    and some newer ones at http://cid-50bcb7e4462e40ae.skydrive...!504?ct=photos

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    Next thing - Carputer. tried three or four different places but finally found the right and nice place for him

    In meantime Sub was installed

    Margus took my Clarion and locked himself to one little room... and he came out with that

    If you take a look at monitor place then you will see, that there's no room for HU, not even a very little space. so where to attach it? of cource to an pointless empty speakerroom in centre. a little sanding and clueing and new place is done

    it would be nice to have an sexy place for touchpad mouse. You can choose: stroke your girlfriends knee or your sexy mouse

    now comes the hard part - Monitor and combo drive install. had to make housing by yourself

    Finished dash. below the monitor is CDRW/DVD-R

    you'll see small keyboard and 6 in 1 card reader in glovebox, and blue is a gift from Microsoft- their cordless mouse

    almost finished, last cable works and ....

    ... well done

    install took 3 weeks and i'm very happy with final result.

    total cost of that project ca. 9000 Euros

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    and whole picture log is in my Gallery

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    very nice, I like the HU install I was looking for a good place to stick one (my double DIN stock is *perfect* for a screen but then no HU). That may be my solution!

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    damn man. that is a nice and clean setup! Props to you!

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    Very nice!!!!!!!!! I wish I had the time and skills to complete something half as good as that.

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    wow that is just about the nicest install I've seen.. the pc in the back is the cleanest I've seen so far...

    How do you like the aopen? can it do 800x480 do you know?

    2005 Range Rover 4.4
    Any ideas for putting a PC in this? :)

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    thats one OG install right there big ups :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoyN
    wow that is just about the nicest install I've seen.. the pc in the back is the cleanest I've seen so far...

    How do you like the aopen? can it do 800x480 do you know?
    thanks guys

    today i don't know, but i had used some tool, which made custom reso on intel graphics, but doesn't remember it

    i'm trying to get used to with that board, i haven't any contact with any pentium M mobos or similar. but when i looked, there wasn't so many choices and aopen was faster to get.

    today i'm amazed about that little celeron M. i wach very good quality divx movie with AC3 sound, let at the same time play mp3-s and all it takes only 30% of processor resources, and what i like most, heat is below 35C. if temp goes over 35 my 90mm Dr. Zallmann takes spins and calms down again four hours mostly it depends on what weather is outside

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    I commented on your worklog and I'll comment again here. This is a superb install, I'm envious of your awesome, clean install in the trunk and that headunit in the dash is really an awesome idea.
    Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo
    Kenwood X790 x/ iP500 Ipod Interface
    Elemental Designs 13Kv.2 D2
    CDT ES-620 (omg yayay!!!1)
    NINe.2X, NINe.2

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