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Thread: VW Golf MKIV

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    Quote Originally Posted by Red GTi VR6
    slick looking install!
    I would highly recommend securing the box though, those things can do a lot of damage in an accident.

    yah, trust me thats true. my last car i had put in nice custome leather seats/all-arond int. and i had a box made of crap wood as a temp while i was making a nice one and one day i had to make a sharp stop(kid fell off the curb into my path) the combo of fresh sticky tire brembro brakes and my cat-like reflexes flung my box into the back of the drivers seat ripping a large hole in the leather and hitting me in the back(through the cushen) for refference here is what it looked like after $200 to repair the hole
    Name:  leather, small.jpg
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    after that i made a plywood base in the trunk, took out the speaker and screwed it down... ha ha ha its still in the car today, and not comming loose any time soon. good luck to the new owner.
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    Love your work! I am planning the same for my Golf! Do you have any tips for a complete noob? Just started with the whole carputer thing and have no idea where to begin.

    Thanks for the help!
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