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Thread: 2002 Mitsi Evo 7, Voom case.

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    Thumbs up 2002 Mitsi Evo 7, Voom case.

    Hi All
    Well I've changed the layout again as I needed some gauages. Got hold of an Evo7 dash with the factory fitted nav screen. I mounted the monitor into the factory screeen area and had enough room to fit some gauages as well as everything else.
    I also use ecuflash and Evoscan guages on the car now and get realtime displays but still a crappy display for daylight use.
    GPS works correctly now, unfortuantly there are no voice nav products that will install on XP for New Zealand so I still need to see the maps when I am driving.
    Ignore the ECU on the carpet, currently swapping the MOTEC and standard ones in and out and trying to find a front trim surround for the stereo,


    The Sony head unit has an AUX port which accepts the sound output from the PC.
    Screen will display usual things (GPS, MP3, DVD etc) and also the monitoring screen for the MOTEC engine management system.

    PC consists of:
    Voom PC case.
    VIA SP13000 MB.
    1Gb RAM
    7" Xenarc touch screen
    40 Gb HDD for stuff.
    Laptop DVD drive / writer.
    M1-ATX Automotive Computer Power Supply
    Sony CDX-M1000TF Head Unit
    USB GPS reciever
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    Nice, I really like the pc case.

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    can't move the hvac controls down?
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    Nice. Needs more pics of the car itself!

    More pics! More pics! More pics!

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    Yes, I agree with more pics. How about some shots and explanations of all the engine management goodies?

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    Hmm, actually moved the controls up, as there is no way a 2DIN will fit in the lower area, plus I wanted to keep the Sony unit (Got it on my honeymoon, so I have to keep wifey happy when modding the car).

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    Revhed nice install - love that h/u!

    Are they just regular ATX connectors you used for power between the M1-ATX and outside of the case?

    Also what kind of tools do you need to secure the wires permanently into those connectors?
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    Why dont you put the computer sideways, so that any "kicking" cant hurt it..

    although that would make access to the cd you have in there practically impossible...

    2005 Range Rover 4.4
    Any ideas for putting a PC in this? :)

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    You managed to get a DVD drive in that case?! Please show that in detail, I got the same case and couldn't get it to fit.

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    When I got the PSU and case it came with all I needed. So all the wires were already fitted to the connectors.

    The case fits perfectly under the passengers seat, so there is no way it can be kicked, the dvd slides over the top of the floor pan brace. Its a bit hard to see in the photo, Guess I was lucky with that one..

    To fit the DVD player was a major, first I machined off the steel motherboard screw mounts that were on the steel bottom of the case and made my own that sat lower down on the steel plate. Also enlarged the 2 holes that mount the PSU so it would slide down the mounts and sit low. If you look at the inside of the blue cover you can see 2 extruded grooves on the inside, I machined those off so the DVD could sit a bit closer to the top of the cover and then the DVD player just fitted.
    If you use this case make sure the memory you buy for the motherboard is not very tall. this was what caused most of the problems..

    Now I want to move the LCD up but that will be a major................

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