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Thread: 05 Magnum Install only owned for 4 weeks MUST SEE

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    hey havent been on in a while but yes i did the whole install my self i work at circuit city installing so i do know what im doing and the car pc(laptop) was under the dash on the passenger side

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    since when does working at cc imply that you know what you're doing?

    have pics?
    Jan Bennett
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    so are you planning on sending kev his money or his laptop, omlax?

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    I think the whole thing looks like crap. I know its mean but its my honest opinion. Those aren't headrest monitors, those are just monitors stuck onto the headrests. you could just reach and yank on them and voila, no more headrest monitors. That is not an "install". Same with the stereo. It's just a box in the trunk... looks like a circuit city special allright. The only part thats been fabbed, the dash, looks terrible.

    I wish your parents would make you drive a civic like a normal kid!

    I usually wouldn't be so negative but its the whole attitude that bothers me "I'm only 19 and look what I have blah blah blah". don't worry son, keep talkin like that, real life will catch up to you sooner or later!

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    Interesting comments flying around here. Anyway...

    I give you props if you did all that yourself. I'm not sure what experience you have but it over all looks pretty decent. I like the dash and I don't think I could do something like that. On your system it's pretty decent but it looks like the standard run of the mill I got that at circuit city (or best buy cuzz I work there) special. If your trying to stand out (which it appears your trying to do) then maybe build a custom box or maybe lay some plexi over the amp and cap. About your monitors those are cool and they will get you that "wow" (whether it be positive or negative) but from my experience (being young and having a nice car ... how ever you obtained it) people will be jealous and **** with you. If you want to keep your car safe I would down size it. Maybe set it up so if you go out cruising you can put them in and when your going to the the mall/school/work/whatever you can leave them home.

    This is my opinion and you can do with it as you wish. I hope my feedback has helped you in some way. Also it's not cool to brag ... that is just going to **** people off. Next time build something really cool (not saying what you have done isn't, as some people feel it is) and just be like I did this on my own and I worked hard. People will probably act alot more positively then if you said what you have now. Good luck. l8.
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