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Thread: 90 VW Corrado install

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    90 VW Corrado install

    I have a full fabrication thread with lots of pics: here

    Feel free to comment in either thread, but I answers lots of questions in that other thread already as well as posted full specs on the pc setup.

    I pretty much have all the bugs worked out of the system, I'm still planning to rewire it.. but I've been lazy and just enjoying the setup rather than tearing it apart anymore.. Also might try some different software in it.

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    nice install, nice car ... too bad it's not a 6pot ;-)

    just one question, if you have molded in the screen why didn't you mold it above the climate controls ... i think it would make it easier to use GPS (not taking your eyes that far of the road)
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    thats a neat looking car. I love the instal.

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    sweet car.. love the number plate.

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    Thumbs up

    My best friend/room mate has a Corrado VR6 and he plans to do a set-up in his too..
    Here's a link to his ride:

    Cool install, can't wait to show this to him, he'll be psyched!!
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    Nice looking rado, your friend has...

    As for the climate controls.. I had to move those up in order to put the screen there.. sivart321 did a similar install in his rado, but he put the screen on top and move the hvac down, he ended up having to cut into his kneebar in order to make the climate controls fit, because there is a lot of stuff on the back of there to make that all work.. it's very deep. I simply chose the route that didn't involve having to cut on the kneebar. I'm very happy with the location, looking doesn't bother me, I'm very happy that I can tap the screen while keeping my hand on the shifter, it's very steady.. works well.

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