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Thread: Alfa Romeo 145 Boxer CPC

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    Quote Originally Posted by romul View Post
    there are many cars that couldnt pull off that aluminum look, i must say it looks amazing on yours great job
    It's an Alfa, I reckon they could pull off almost anything

    Great job mate, and that second LCD looks fab too!

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    that's too pretty man, i love the design inside and out. very nice.

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    ***5.1 sound***

    i build tweeters from deo roll on caps (modified the stock tweeters und put them in caps and painted black for front-rears and center,the center lifts up after a few seconds the pc starts (had a lifter some time ago but was canceled because of the facelift dashbord i build in), the center and rears are powerd by a small amp, connected from a usb soundcard

    others: new mainbord (3rd) sempron 3000+

    front tweeter

    the center mounted on a upside down cd drive (tray is screwed in dashbord and motor with framing is moving

    the left rear

    half full or half empty?

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    Wow man. You are simply amazing at this. Unbelievable install. LOVE the brushed aluminum look. Also, the buttons out of capacitors. F-ing brilliant.

    All these nice installs make me want to get a new car so badly. I'm sick of driving my turd of a car. I can't justify putting any more money into the install as the car isn't worth doing any more work to. Some day...

    Awesome job man, you've inspired me.
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    Sehr sehr nett installiert. Grüßen Sie von Vereinigten Staaten von Ihrem Bosnier Nachbarn!
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    The quality of work on this forum never stops amazing me. An excellent install!

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