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Thread: The granny killer

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    WTF? Pics? What happened... One of my dreams just collapsed...

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    WTF! Man. Just when it was getting interesting you drop it and move on. After defending yourself and your ride time and time again. C'mon say it isnt so! I mean really will a Tiburon completely take the place of your beloved Ford? Well I suppose all good things must come to an end. . .
    If only everthing in life would do what I WANTED it to, rather than what it was SUPPOSED to do.

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    sorry guys

    the taurus started becoming problematic.. case in point I like to drive it hard.

    last week it started to shudder when I drove it, came to find out the wheel bearings were shot and the drive shaft had bent.. only thing I can put it down to is the weight of the car..

    the car handles awesome on corners.. but, with all that weight over the front it was bound for tears.

    then the starter went again outside a wawa at 2am and i had to call out my cousin.. just loads of headaches tbh, ones i dont have time to take tylenol for now

    It's going back where it came from for now, the MIL's barn.. who knows? when the weather picks up I may just revive it big style.

    with 6 inches of snow on the ground its very hard to become motivated, especially when i got a 98 tibby for $900 with custom rims and low milage.

    maybe somewhen ill get back into it
    So guys, do you think this will help me score with chicks?

    "If you give this man a ride sweet families will die, KILLER on the road"

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    Dammit.... I just read 11 friggin pages and you give up!!??!!??!!?? lol, dude, that SUCKS! My honest opinion, the taurus was ok, didnt like the color though. Im a ford guy and to be honest, I love the tiburon's body style better than the taurus. Post some pics of the tiburon when you get a chance! Good luck!

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    now, every time I spray house of kolor I think of this car

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    I am kinda disapointed. But each to his own. I am sure turbons are good cars as well.
    Progress,.... that is what I keep forgetting ;)
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