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Thread: BMW 525i with I-drive

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    Quote Originally Posted by zedevan
    hey mischka, i saw this and thought it was a great idea so i'm sitting here with the same joystick pulled apart in front of me and i'm wondering what you're using to centre the rotation since you cut off the existing spring bit (and even if you hadn't cut it off making the idrive knob use it would of been hard?) and where/how you mounted the sensor and the knob? thanks -evan

    sorry for late reaction, i was on a 2 week holiday!

    well, I used the spring that comes with the joystick. I made a hole in the base of the joystick and one end of the spring goes into the hole. you can see the spring on the base of the white pipe on this picture:

    its the shiny bit on the bottom. the white you see is a piece of electricity pipe with a diameter of 20mm. this fits exactly around the stick. on the lower side of the stick i made a cut. the upper part of the spring goes exactly into this cut. so in this way, one part of the spring goes into the base of the joystick, the other part goes to the pipe, which is then auto-centered. clear?

    now, the sensor can be clearly seen on the top. the moving end goes into the top of the stick. the other end goes into the white pipe. thats how it works basicly!

    here the picture of the inside of the knob.

    its a piece of electricity pipe and the side of the sensor where the cables come out is falling into the opening of the pipe inside the knob. also, there are 2 cuts in the stick on the top: the little nippels in the knob "click" exactly into them. mind you, i needed about a meter of pipe before I got it right!

    to be honest with you, if i had to do it again I would use a digital joystick, not an analog one. because sometimes its a bit difficult to get the stick to top-left or top right positions. but for the rest it works like a dream! i have been driving a lot last 2 weeks (4400km, 2800 miles) and the i-drive works great!

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    my friend have BOMB- car number

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enforcer
    thats what i thought when i read this.. i think he is going on about my cool license plate


    since im here anyway.. being a few months further, the i-drive has succesfully survived 3 months of testing without any outage or problems!

    i also have made a new case for the car-pc. same thing really, just a better implementation of what I had. I now also have an M1 ATX power supply.



    the side panel neatly cut out..

    hard drive mounted, and screws for mobo/power supply in place

    power supply mounted:

    last but not least, the mobo

    the first run, on standard power supply..

    overview of the workplace:

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