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Thread: PT Cruiser 7 touchscreen monitors, high end CarPC

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    thats it bedtime
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    holy *****!

    well at least it still has room for the golf clubs in the boot! They will stand up nice on those amps!

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    You are about to drive this spaceship? xixixixixi!!!!

    It's time to go home...

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    Woooooooooooooooooooooooow. Absolutly stunning! One of the most beatiful installs I've ever seen.

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    i hate pt ugly...but damn. the droop, the wheels, the system nice.
    im guessing this is a show car from the last picture...makes sence why u have 4 to many LCDs. (drop down, visers, and rear trunk)
    nice job.

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    absolutely stunning indeed. i agree with "im_a_nub", i've never been a huge fan of PT Cruisers, but man I could learn to love this one.

    Even the modified exhaust location looks slick. Kudos to your install team.

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    Awesome work!!

    How did you integrate all the touchscreens? Do they work well together, or do you have one set as the main touchscreen, and the rest aren't touch?
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    very very nice... I'm a big believer in multiple screens but yours is a little over the top, but not for a show car really I guess..... I'm most impressed with your sub boxes...... really really nice work there

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    The 4 screens (visors and headrests) were added near the end just to 'top it all off'. My customer uses the hatch screen to show interactive presentations for his work. His wife uses the visor screen with a small usb IR webcam (cheap), as a vanity mirror replacement.

    Yes this is a show vehicle, but first and foremost a daily driver. The boxes were designed so that they don't get in the way of the rear seat operation, they still flip down out of the way. The glovebox still fits the car's manual and insurance papers.

    The beauty of it is the multiple activities you can do at once. the rear passengers can watch the image from the clarion DVD, or play PS2, or use the computer. All the touch screens work, even the 1200ts in the hatch, but there is only one vga image so the same image will show on every screen. No more asking 'are we there yet?" The kids can just fire up map monkey and see for themselves.

    Everything is digital 5.1, and when you open the hatch, you get 3.1 as there's no surrounds out there (couldnt figure that one out).

    I also hated PT's, until this one came along. Another shop is building the motor for this little grocery-getter. It's getting a gigantic turbo and absolutely massive intercooler, tons of other goodies. It's plumbed for 2 shots of NOS, a small shot to help turbo spool-up a big shot for up top. A rack will be fabbed to suspend the 2 bottles above the amplifiers. It is expected to produce almost 500hp. If you find that hard to believe, just look at SRT-4 turbos with the same motor.

    You can't see the audison amp since it's mounted under the drivers seat, actually it's so long I had to make a false floor in the rear footwell to cover it up. this is singlehandedly the nicest amplifier I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. If you've got a lot of $$$, Audison is the way to go.

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    where did you get that backup cam that you used?

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