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Thread: PT Cruiser 7 touchscreen monitors, high end CarPC

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    SWEEEET install. I was going to go for the Clarion headunit simply for the seamless iPod integration. Then, the price held me back as well the single set of AV inputs and the extra cost of the seperate TV tuner unit.

    I was able to get a Panasonic CQ-VD7500U (7" in-dash motorized DVD) for $650 from ebay. The panasonic has built-in TV, 2 video/audio Aux-ins and a rear camera input. It also has great integration with my Pioneer navi unit - even though I can't control the navi touchscreen features directly from the Panasonic (I have a seperate Pioneer screen for this).


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    awsome work especially all of the fabrication. I hope your customer is happy, if not he needs to have his head examined.

    I think all of the screens are a bit much, but i understand it is a show car.

    and a very impressive one at that.
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    everyone thinks there are too many screens until they sit in the back, and use the touchscreen right in front of them to go on their msn. Meanwhile your buddy is next to you playing PS2 with headphones on. You're listening to the sweet sound of a DVd-audio disk on some of the nicest sounding audio gear available, there are gps directions being called out to the driver, and he's using the rearview cam to keep an eye on traffic behind. Meanwhile, his wife is in the passenger seat doing her make-up using a small usb ir camera and her visor screen. You tell her she needs more since you can see her in your screen too. Then you all stop at the beach, and at night, open up the hatch and watch a movie on the 12' hatch setup.

    your buddy shows up with beers, saw you were at the beach on your updated gps tracking site.

    haha then your other buddy shows up with a generator to power the thing lol! we're about to find out how big of an alternator will fit on a PT...

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    That was a good story...Makes clear sense
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    Very nice! I like the grill, and the underdoor lights, along with everything else.

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    I think people should say what they don't like about this car (if they can fin anything) would sure save A LOT of typing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cris
    I think people should say what they don't like about this car (if they can fin anything) would sure save A LOT of typing.
    The chassis this install is made in. Otherwise it looks great

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    That PT is suck nut crazy.. I love it... I would have bought one of those if they made one in a V8.. It would look exatcly like yours with big chromies and black all over.. Awesome install.. Maybe overkill on the screens but the more the better.
    "He who dies with the most toys, wins".

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    I am not a fan of PT Cruisers at all, but yours has changed my mind a little. This PT isn't something I would own, but I love to look at it. I am impressed!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 0l33l
    The chassis this install is made in. Otherwise it looks great
    haha... ditto
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