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Thread: PT Cruiser 7 touchscreen monitors, high end CarPC

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    man i truly hate PTs but you def did everything right to make it sexy... a true accomplishment by any standards!

    the only thing i didnt like were the sub wires hangin out like that. im more for the concealed look but im just being picky.

    props again on a extremely nice build

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    yup, the sub wires bug me sometimes too. There wasn't much I could do about it, the customer wanted it like that.

    Its weird when the customer is very involved in the project, sometimes it can be difficult. You just have to remind yourself that it's not your vehicle, you're not the one that will be driving it. Putting our name on the install and calling it ours is great and all, but in reality you have a customer buying a product and service, you have to just give them what theyre asking for.

    The center channel was a late add-on to bring the stage up off the floor. It has 2 AVI FRM-70 (I think) full-range drivers, and a VIFA Tweeter. I built a custom crossover using Solex components. The enclosure is cut right into the top of the dash, and has a removable fiberglass bottom which forms the back of the enclosure. It sounds simply stunning. The setup plays almost as low as the mbquart Q's, yet the tweeter is so smooth and precise on-axis that it takes the edge off the quart tweeters (which im not too fond of)

    thanks for the pages of compliments guys!

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    wholly *****!
    2005 Dodge Ram HEMI

    15" LCD touchscreen
    Mac Mini
    6" Headrest monitors
    Modded Xbox

    5 PSone screens going in doors
    And another 15" LCD!

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    Hey Vinister , what they all said .....thanks for the prompt reply to my pm. So whats your next project????

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    Wow. At the risk of repeating everyone else, SWEET install.

    It's funny, there's over the top installs that looks like parts were thrown in for the sake of it, then there's over the top installs that look like they belong. Nice work on cramming that much loot into a smaller car without it looking bad.

    Funny, with this being such a world-wide forum it was weird seeing you list shops that I've heard of, like Momentum in PoCo, five minutes away from me.

    I'd love to see this in person. Are you doing tours?

    So, with all this nice work, why not plug your shop? What's it's name?


    How Much Horsepower Can I have And Still Go To Heaven?

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    Sorry I dont feel right about plugging my shop, this is just to share the project, not a marketing thing. Those who want to know can find out!

    Besides, this being a do-it-yourself car pc forum, and me being a car pc retail shop, this isnt exactly my target market! I sell car pcs to people that havent a clue how it works or how I got it to fit in their dash! It would be difficult for me to profit from mp3car guys:

    "what! $300?! I can get that on for half that price!"

    jthiani - next project is almost wrapped up. It's a massive full size chev dually with a escalade front end, 2 sets of focal 3 ways, 3 focal 10"s, and two really massive "chrome shadow" amps. Over 20k of audio gear alone! We did a full suede interior, custom door panels, and I'm just finishing up some 10" headrest monitors. Same theme, over the top.... but not!

    I've also got a big *** benz getting a pc and audio gear, and an H1 getting a full system.

    Always crazy stuff goin on at Epic. .... oops... shhhhh!

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    Have you got a picture of installing the roof mount Xenarc?

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    Holy crap. Wish I had seen this before I went home (to PoCo) for Xmas. (I'm living in LA now) I'm a big PT Cruiser fan (yes, I have one, but I have a feeling it's not what you guys would expect) and want to install a carputer.

    Would love to get in touch with your client, especially if he's getting his motor built too. I hang out on a board with a bunch of PT motor heads. My car's running about 260 HP but some of these guys are up around 350-400!


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    iT's Amazing !! never seen anything like it ....!!!

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