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Thread: '00 Toyota Solara in Vegas

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    '00 Toyota Solara in Vegas

    This is my second Carputer install. It's the same equipment I just took it out of my Honda and put it in my Toyota.
    '97 Accord
    Check out my site for more photos.
    '00 Solara

    Thanks again to this forum for all the valuable info.
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    is the screen just pressed in between ? or did you properly fit it in ? looks nice.

    I had it pressed in for a while then gave up and finally molded it in:

    do you have any problems with glare ? I have the same interior and its just impossible to see anything during the day ...
    99' V6 Solara SE.
    '05 CBR600RR
    Baltimore MD.
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    Wow, that bezel looks great. Where did you get it?
    And yes it is almost impossible to see the screen during the day.
    If you check out the link to my website you'll see I hot glued it in from behind.Solara Carputer

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    he made it.

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