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Thread: 97 Toyota Corolla (AE102)

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    97 Toyota Corolla (AE102)

    Well the parts for my carputer are slowly showing up at my door piece by piece. Hopefully this project is never 100% complete, there is ALWAYS room for improvement! I had just about ran out of interesting little projects for my car until i came upon this site. I was never really into forums before this either. Thanks for showing me the light! Now for some pics...
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    Just a few pics to look at. I will be posting more as the project continues. By the way I do all my own work.

    The trunk took a while, i replaced the baseboard with 1/2 plywood, covered in carpet padding and sound insulation then covered in carpet. There are doors and built in side compartments and i have a door built so that i can still access my spare tire for emergencies.

    The doors i had to make a custom mount because the speakers were too big for the factory mounting location. And had to find a way to mount the tweeters and x-overs.

    If you look at the center dash, above the HVAC controls and below the vents there is a small din space. If anyone can tell me of a way to mount a reciever in there without removing the ducting for the vents i would greatly appreciate the feedback!

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