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Thread: The lost in Europe '97 Ford Escort

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cris
    Hehehe I get that all the time. Where are you from, and I'll tell you if I'm any close to you.
    I don't really understand, whre are you going to put the 8" screens? they certanly don't fit in the sunvisors, and they're probably too big to see anything on the road if you put them instead of the sunvisors.

    I'm really looking forword to seeing your dash. Out of all Escorts I've seen, this is the only one that has a screen mounted like this. It would be nice to have a similar job to compare it with. If you need any help or tips with the installation, let me know. As I said this is also available for DaraBB.

    Any pics of your install so far?

    I'm also working on an iDrive system for the Escort in a custom made armrest. Check it out:

    Im from Lillestrøm, near Oslo in Norway.

    The 8" screens is premountet into the visors. They are the same size as the original ones and only 4mm thicker. Just have to replace them.
    Also, having one visor mountet screeen connected to the PC along with the touchscreen will work great i think. Imagine to just lift your eyes a notch to check on the gps map? Genious! :P

    Edit: The rest of them will be connected to ha modchipped xbox with a large hdd for In Car Entertainment with wireless controllers and 3 on/off buttons in different hidden, but easy reachable places. )

    Also, yours are the first Escort of this kind ive ever seen anyone mounted a carputer in like this. Been searching for ages. :P

    I do have some pics, not much are done with it... go to for pics... Pics are named in norwegian, but ill guess you can figure it out since most names of the folders are nearly identical to the english words. :P

    Have fun! I will! And be sure I may ask you a question or eight within the next months..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xander
    I do have a gut feeling telling me to trust you and just do bank transfer.. Ill answer ur PM shortly.
    OK, I have an idea. I'll order the rings on Monday, as today we have a public holiday (Independence Day) and almost all stores are closed today. When I receive them I will send them for you, and you will transfer money after you receive your rings. Can you agree with this?

    And yes, the screens in Hong-Kong are about 50€ without shipping... Ill probobly only need 5, but ill order 6 anyway...
    If you will get the LCD Touch Screen like this one (I'm talking about size)

    I will be so grateful as I never was to any one. Price about 100 EUR (with shipping costs) for LCD is OK for me, and I will get that money for sure. I'm waiting for good news on February.

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    It's a bit harder to do, but it would look excellent once done. You could mount the screen like that, relocate the ac controls, and mke the screen motorized to go up and down behind a panel (instead of the vents). That way it would look nice, and be totally stealth.

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    great work!!

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    Small update in this old thread.

    Pics of the final install.
    - Custom dashboard with the 7" Touch Screen integrated.
    - The climate controls relocated in a custom panel below the Panasonic Head Unit.
    - 7" Headrests monitor mounted in custom built headrests
    - Custom armrest with Griffin Powermate integrated
    - Travla C137 Case with Epia M10k 512DDRAM and 80GB HDD inside, mounted in false floor

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