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Thread: PC-powered Corvette in InformationWeek magazine

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    PC-powered Corvette in InformationWeek magazine

    Here are the specs on the car.

    Computers Info

    ¨ VIA EPIA TC motherboard

    ¨ 8" LCD Touch screen monitor

    ¨ Road Runner

    ¨ Hauppauge WinTV USB-FM

    ¨ XMPCR XM radio

    ¨ Color Video camera with RCA input, 12 volt power, and IR (night vision)

    ¨ QWERTY Mini USB keyboard

    ¨ Pharos USB GPS receiver

    ¨ HPTuners (hardware and software) ( This allows scanning through the OBII port and tuning the native computer on the car)

    ¨ Freedrive

    ¨ Windows Media Encoder

    ¨ USB WIFI card.

    ¨ VNC software

    Next steps for the computer

    ¨ Computer start-up via motion/proximity detectors, so the computer will record when motion is detected around the vehicle.

    ¨ Then streaming of video data through a full time internet connection, so it is viewable though any internet connection.

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    HmHmHm Scouse? you ok, or did you miss this one?
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    Car PC

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    Question ???

    .... interesting... very interesting

    so what's the point behind all this????
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    how about some pictures of the pc? are you a member of the anyone ever tell you that you look like rocky in that pic?
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    ah the my other internet home. (a851yy07)

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    There is another article in Wired this month about a corvette with a PC, but it never covers the specs of the pc.... only the owner...... supposedly he can turn on and off the exhaust baffles with his touchscreen.......
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    Nice job I am done with the PC installation on my vette, need a front end RR or centrafuse

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    so we dug up a dead 13 month thread to anounce that?

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