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Thread: Golf III CarPC by Alcool_Puro

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    Golf III CarPC by Alcool_Puro

    Golf III CarPC - My project.

    - Epia V800
    - Power Supply 80w
    - HDD 80Gb
    - SD-Ram: 250mb PC133
    - TV Tunner
    - Touchscreen 7'' MM 400
    - GPS: NL-202U USB
    - Antenna Wireless DWL120

    My project is a pc build on a plexiglass case, designed to be easily
    removed and used at home connected to a simple 12v source.
    I will soon switch cars, so, the goal was to keep the car modifications
    to the minimum. That’s why the monitor is not built into the dashboard.

    Some photos:

    After some measurement and a lot of head scratching, what was a plain
    50x50 piece of plexiglass begins to take shape.

    This place looks like it was design to hold a Carputer. :P

    To protect and avoid vibrations, I decided to make a holder in foam to
    receive the Carputer.

    I used some fabric for that OEM look

    This is where all that ugly cables are hidden



    The worst part is to install all the cables. I used a tube to pass the
    cables. Installed the USB hub in the fuse compartment where I will
    connect the GPS, Touchscreen and a small extension to the dash for other
    USB devices like pen drives, etc...

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    Didn't find a power switch that I liked, so instead, I transformed the
    lighter to be used as a power switch. Installed a small switch in the
    back of the lighter and now I just have to press the lighter in to
    switch power on/off. There is also a small reset button as you can see
    in the photo.

    The GPS is hidden under need the front speaker cover. Works ok, but
    sometimes I must put it on top to get proper reception

    In the beginning I installed the monitor on top of the dash but then I
    moved it to the bottom and it works a lot better for me.

    You can see the USB connector next to the cell phone holder.

    I wait that they have liked

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    The trunk is simply amazing!

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    i really like the cigarette lighter switch. just hope some unsuspecting fool doesnt get in and try to light a cigarette.

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    like the case mount in foam. neat idea
    Lez, more widely known as flez1966

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    Your install looks really nice! That is a nice spot to hide the GPS reciever.... my one suggestion is since the speaker grill is made of metal, maybe you can try making a set of covers out of some kind of plastic or non-metal composite to allow the signal to better pass though.

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