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Thread: My system ('92 MB 300 TD Turbo)

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    My system ('92 MB 300 TD Turbo)

    This is as far as I've got. Not finished (who ever finishes a carputer project?), but this is probably going to be as far as I go for a while.
    This is a low budget project. I like to tinker with the solvering iron, and make my way out of problems in stead of buying my way out of them.

    The power is at the moment from the sigarette lighter output, but I have some plans to better that one.

    As of now, I've built two voltage regulators on a CPU cooler. One of them get input from the cars power (11-14,4 volt) and outputs +5v to power the pcmcia--> usb card and +5v to external harddrive. The other one gets input from the laptop charger (+18v) and outputs +12v to the harddrive.

    A crushed Compaq Armada E500 with remote power on :-)

    Power to the monitor from the lamp in the glowe compartment. This one gets on when the key is turned.

    This is where I want the display, but I have to figer out some better way to fasten in there.

    Nice one? Racing tape and strips gets you where you want :-)
    I had a bit of luck that was able to place it there.
    (if someone wonders why I have a wall in the middle of the car, this has to do with silly norwegian regulations wich makes some cars cheaper with only two seats. I will make it a 5seater in approx a year for free)

    Keyboard. It accually works, but it shuld have had an on/off switch, and it needs something to lay on.

    This IS temporary. The power "switch" :-) I'll wait till the winter is over and switch it on the alarm, to autostart the carputer when i unlock the car.

    Wlan (crappy picture)

    GPS in the windscreen

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    Looks like a good start. I admire a chap who reinvents the wheel, but only if he has to. Good job. Keep up the work!
    If only everthing in life would do what I WANTED it to, rather than what it was SUPPOSED to do.

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