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Thread: 2004 Infiniti FX35 AWD

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    Quote Originally Posted by vairu
    Very nice install. I'm curious about the camera too, where'd you get it? And any night shots? Also, how did you wire it up to automatically switch inputs? Does it go back to VGA when you take it out of reverse?

    I like your location of your GPS receiver. My hatch is similar because it has room where yours does where the top taillight is, i was just wondering if your GPS receives a good signal there? I thought it had to be in clear view of the sky. Temporarily i have mine on the dash and sometimes it doesn't even get a good signal
    I'm using the CCD model camera from yanlab:

    I bought it on ebay for ~$130..

    The GPS gets good reception there, but my hatch is fiberglass... so your results may vary! I haven't had any problems with it there at all.. it locks on very quickly..

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    thanks for the info

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    Nice install

    What did you cut the aluminum with to fit the info display in?

    Heh, they used the same Clarion stereo unit in the 2004 G35 and FX except in the FX they just covered over the casette tape opening

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    Same question as above, I need to do an identical install in my wife's FX.

    Once she's done, then it's time to do my 05 G35 Coupe - wish I hadn't paid for the nav system when I could have built something so much better for less. Oh well, live and learn!

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