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Thread: 2005 Gto

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    2005 Gto

    Cool, as per I've beeen installing my GoatPC into my car. Finally got all but one cable (a firewire--because I dont have it yet) ran to the front dash. Everything is powering up fine and running smoothly.

    Very excited. I'll take part of Sunday to tighten up the install, make sure the cables are tucked properly, etc.. also make sure I didn't mess any of my interior up. I took out all but one seat, and messed with the carpeting and such, and all nearly in the dark until 0100 in the morning...

    More updated pictures and such will come this weekend.

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    Weird, it works now. Technical mishap I suppose?

    Well I drove around a bit this morning before work, so far everything implanted onto the computer works:

    MP3, DVD, MPEG, CD, GPS.

    Glare isn't much of an issue. iGuidance works spiffy, I've heard some good things about Destinator as well so I'd like to try it. Need to upgrade to CF 1.5 soon.

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    The links work for me. I would love to see pics of the rest of your setup. I am also sitting without an interior to my car at the moment and no timeframe for when it can be put back together! The screen placement is low, but if it works for you, all the best. Good luck!
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    Tight for a GTO, hope they come to Canada so I can get one and transplant my GPMIS into one.
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