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Thread: Classic car Install Pictures

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    Canada, eh

    Thumbs up Nice car

    Pokiarchy, nice ride, you can't go wrong for $2k. Best of luck with your project.

    Are there any Lincoln owners here?

    My next carputer is going into a "classic". Here in canada, anything over 20 years old is legally considered a classic. I had the big car bug, so, this summer I sold my 2000 Hyundai Accent and bought an '81 Lincoln this summer for CND$2000. Runs great and zero rust, it's like driving my livingroom to work complete with a couch! What a difference working on old cars, so much room, it's like a huge canvas.
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    sorry for draggin up an old thread but better that than starting a new one, i totally agree about old cars! so much room! hell my cars front seat is about four and a half foot wide! i have some dash pics, will be a console with a carpc in it under the glovebox someday! pic of the car itsself
    pic before removal of interior
    pic of dash before we got all the floor covering crap out, nasty stuff, like asbestos >.<
    pic of glovebox
    the engine 350 c.i. chevy smallblock
    what you all think? more pics on my site right here

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    do a search... someone posted a '65 mustang fastback a while back
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    While it's not a classic, this is the car I plan on putting my carputer in:
    It's my 1983 Toyota Celica GT-S.
    The screen will be replacing these guys:
    The head unit is gonna stay in the glove box, with the face plate re-located to the lid of the ashtray underneath the DIN opening.. Computer is gonna go in the hatch in a cusom MDF box, with decent cooling of course..
    I already have the computer (mostly) together, I'm just waiting for money for the screen, and time to actually put the darn thing together..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pokiarchy
    Instead of sifting through 100's of pages of people's new car installs, I want to see the oldies but goldies. Just started my project, a 1971 Pontiac T-37, I'll have pics up when I have something to show.

    SWEET IDEA!!!! No joke, I was looking through threads the other day for the same exact thing. I have no idea how I missed this thread but glad I found it!!!

    I have a 1974 Chevy Nova pictured below (if my link works). I'll post some dash pics and hopefully all you helpful people will give me some great ideas. I have some ideas already but its always good to get other input!


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    Classic car Install Pictures

    I'm still working on my 53 GMC panel truck with an install. Talk about space, there is a lot of it in a 1/2 ton panel truck! I just have to come up with a layout and some screens.

    check out the site listed below!!
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    Heh, I like this idea. Here are some pictures of my cars. I am goin to put a computer in Delila (The gold one) someday when I get the transmission rebuilt and the one wire alternator replaced so I can get some constant power.

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    Anyone still looking at this thread? I have a 1964 Nova I'm still working on.
    The car is mostly complete. Wanted to hide all the stereo system so I've got a SecretAudio SST head unit, Kappa Amp, Kappa 6x9, Kappa 4", bluetooth streaming audio.

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    hrm.... an electronically decked out old car? that screams conflict of generations to me... hell, why not put white wall tires on a ferrari?

    i used to dig old cars until i learned how much hard earned money you have to pour into them... and for me, a working student living in manhattan, i dont got money to burn! i had a 84' grand national with only 82k 3rd owner miles on it and i was going to restore it until i saw all the rust it had and all the $ to take care of that problem...

    if anyone else has the funds to do a project of this caliber, by all means, go for it. whatever floats your goat!
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    Quote Originally Posted by breaker021 View Post
    hrm.... an electronically decked out old car? that screams conflict of generations to me... hell, why not put white wall tires on a ferrari?

    Lightning McQueen: All right, Luigi, give me the best set of black walls you've got.
    Luigi: No, no, no! You don't know what you want! Luigi know what you want. Black-wall tires, they blend into the pavement, but these white-wall tires, they say look at me, here I am, love me.
    Lightning McQueen: All right, you're the expert. Oh, and don't forget the spare.
    Luigi: Perfecto. Guido!
    Guido: Pit Stop!
    Luigi: He ha ha, what did Luigi tell you, eh?
    Lightning McQueen: Wow, you were right, better then a Ferrari, huh?
    Luigi: Eh, no.
    Electronics work on magic smoke - don't let it out.

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