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Thread: ROKU Civic Honda-Hybrid uNSLUg

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    ROKU Civic Honda-Hybrid uNSLUg

    Here is the wiring diagram I used for an uNSLUng mt-daapd server in a 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid. I will followup with the dash and armrest photos later this week.

    The system uses a uSDC and 2x 5V POL converters

    Additional hardware includes 50A Battery Isolator, Linksys NSLU2 with unslung 5.5, 2x17AH gel Batts (under passenger seat), Netgear WRG614v5, 2.5" 80GB WD data, SanDisk MicroCruzer 512MB Boot Flash.

    The entire system draws less than 2.5A at 12V, and emits 20dB.... unless you turn on the factory stereo (180W)
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    Photos, as promised

    Check out the yahoo group that the NSLU2 computer groups use for technical details

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    Thumbs up New under-documented feature of ROKU-NSLU2

    I know this is probably a more HW-centric audience...

    The ROKU soundbridges support telnet-ing on port 4444. I have been able to run status messages from the 'sketch' menu in the ROKU via perl scripts running on the uNSLUng NSLU2, with net::telnet. Nice to have the ROKU VFD as a display. The only drawback is that telnet kills the current media stream, so traffic info is a loss.

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