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Thread: just a quick peek

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    just a quick peek

    hey i thought it was funny my lil **** box car made it on to a local web site heres a link for ya to take a quick peek toll the project is revamped

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    lol nice.

    I noticed something, it says that the interior was lined with 3/4" MDF. thats pretty sweet. how effective was this from a sound deadening point of view? and whats that shiny stuff on the floor?

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    the 3/4" mdf was to keep everything on/in the car ridgid for spl as for the deadening the doors and wall are cover with 1/4" foam then vinyl stretched over the foam and the floor/firewall/inner doors they had strips of dynamat placed down before the mdf was glued and screwed down the shiny stuff was cut mylar, just decrotive stuff for the car show that i was attending that eve.. those pics where approx. july before i had all the bugs(volume contols) worked out
    the thicker door seals around the door made the most noticable sound difference both road noise and helped the door flexing from about 3/4" to about a 1/4" in the middle area during comps.

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    haha interior isnt so bad. too bad the outside looks like ****e. bondo!
    i got dat ***** sittin on 22s! SUPERMAN EDITION!

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    Dude, sweet cutlass in the back there

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