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Thread: 2006 Honda Civic Breaking Ground (What Warranty?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Escalade182
    i was asking for an opinion between the two cars
    .. which is where you went off-topic and began to threadcrap, and haven't stopped since.

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    yeah well i cleaned up my previous post's so stfu and stop ****ting on his thread..

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    Nice LCD dash job.
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    sweet install!

    I'm inspired...

    ... to hire someone... I fear I can't pull something like that off.

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    WOW.. I'm in awe.. very impressive.. from the photochop on the first post, i didn't think you could pull it off.. but DAAYAM you did it!!! and it didn't take you a million years!!!

    my only suggestion is to add a one or two usb ports somewhere discretly on the panel for game controllers/bluetooth or whatever else you may want to plug in!!! that would be pretty pimp


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    Thanks for the suggestion, I do plan to do that, I have two extra usb extension cables already up at the dash for whatever, (mouse, flash drive, gamepad, usb lamp, num keypad, keyboard, coffee maker...) I also plan on installing AV cables on the passenger side with an outlet from the inverter for an xbox, ps, or whatever may have a need for that (the xenarc has 2 auxiliary video inputs). Also in the works is a mic mounted in the new dash section for speaker phone, voice logs, karaoke, emergency secure-line patches to the defense department, and of course voice activation) The new dash is working perfectly. What I'm working on now is a microcontroller for the startup/shutdown sequencing and a tank circuit to avoid the crank powerloss. Thanks again for all of your compliments.

    And as a word of encouragement: For anybody who's scared of modifying thier car for fear that it would look like crap because of lack of experience or something along those lines, I had never touched fiberglass or bondo before I bought this car, I just thought I could and then did. Basically what it takes is a vision, willingness to learn, ambition to make something cool, and patience (oh, and an understanding family if your in that situation). You have a great support group right here to help you along the way. If you have any questions PM me and I would be glad to help as much as I can. I'm sure most here would. I'm still just a novice though, there are some very knowlegable and talented people here.


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    ****, that is freaking awsome. Nice job dude.
    The best part is you have a BALL to take that dash apart to start with.
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    Any new pics! I just need to see more!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cris
    Any new pics! I just need to see more!
    I'm about to jump back in and make essence working toward completion (I say toward, because we all know a carputer project is never totally "complete"). I've just been working on electrical and logic R&D lately. I will post pictures and updates soon.....
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    I am glad you decided to make it perfect. I sware when your done with it people wont even know its not stock. I just had someone ask me yesterday if my install was stock. He didn't even know how good it made me feel cause i went through 4 takes of the fabrication and atleast 10-15 paint jobs until i got the exact color. I must have spent 200 plus on the paints alone.

    I cant wait to see updated pictures
    -Jesus- King of Kings Lord of Lords

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