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Thread: 2006 Honda Civic Breaking Ground (What Warranty?)

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    Man I just found this thread and really really like your work LUWE. I've done some of my own fiber/bondo work, but it never came out quite like I wanted it. Using your methodology hopefully I'll get my projects to look as good as yours.

    Now get a mac mini!

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    Clean and nice install. Gotta say that working with fiberclass and a brand new ride... huh! But you made it a lot better! Remember to enjoy your ride!

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    What did you do with the storage bin?

    Your install is incredible! I have a 2006 Civic Hybrid and have been looking at doing *something* similar to get a PC in it.

    Did you put the small storage bin that was forward of the gear shift to use? From all the photos it looks like you just covered the space. Or did I miss a post about that?

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    Firstly HAPPY XMAS, secondly great work! Thirdly a question, does the navigation dash discussed earlier fit a UK Civic (Hatchback)?


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    that startup shutdown controller LCD thingy is do i go about building one?
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