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Thread: Mac'd 94 S-10 Blazer

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    Mac'd 94 S-10 Blazer

    Here is a link to my site with pics and info of my installation of a Mac Mini into my Blazer. Has a Xenarc 10.2" touchscreen, GPS input, plus I built a custom center console to house all this in. It is powered by the Carnetix P1990 power supply. There is even a USB 2.0 hub in the front of the center console and inverter for rear passengers to have 110V AC outlets. I upgraded electircal system with a 200 amp alternator and an Optima red top battery and run 1/0 gauge power wire into my cab thru firewall to power everything. Take a look at it if you want. There is even some hot pink shag action.

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    That shag carpet is something else....
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