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Thread: 02 Ford Ranger / Tablet PC [Pics]

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    02 Ford Ranger / Tablet PC [Pics]

    Ised some plexi, a couple swiveling bracket mounted to the inside of the air conditioning vents, and some velcro to mount my toshiba pertege 3505 in my ranger. Works great for everything. Just gotta hook it up to the radio somehow and i'll be stylin.
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    So tell me, how long does it take to mount and dismount the tablet? Doesn't the 3505 have a mobile dock? How comfortable is it to use the pen while driving?

    I only ask because I like the tablet, but refuse to buy anything requiring XP Tablet edition.
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    wow, nice setup man. I'm using a tablet laptop myself - ibm/lenovo x41 - and it is off the hook. a little annoying using the pen to do stuff but i think using the mouse would be just as annoying!

    nice setup man. a+ for you!
    - sh00k

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