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Thread: A Fantastic Carputer..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freelander
    2) the owner of the plane doesn't get any props when they have a clipboard attached to the steering column.
    could be my complete lack of knowledge of planes, but honnestly, this doesn't seem that strange to me
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    could someone please get the registration of this aircraft so that i can AVOID IT AT ALL COSTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If this yahoo is flying the plane thinking its a ford escort and playing minesweeper at the same time, i think most peaple would not care how much power it was using LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Actually, if it was a 777, the pilot could be doing cartwheels in the back...
    The onboard computers can pretty much fly the plane without the pilot ever directly touching the controls.

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    looks like they digit always the same code... something like WENS, SWEN, NEWS or so on...
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